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Abducted Game

The aliens are coming! Can you get out before it’s too late? An unique crash game with a triple bet!! Triple the challenge, triple the reward!!

How to play?

Abducted consists of three bets:
The base bet: As any other crash game, the amount you put in to play! Withdraw your earnings before you get abducted! The more time the helicopter spends in the air, the more you earn!
The predicted height bet: An amount you put in to multiply the money earned with the base bet. First predict the height you consider the helicopter will reach before getting abducted and then bet the amount you desire to that height (the multiplier of how much you will earn if you get the height right is displayed in game right on top of the height bet button).
The scenario bet: Bet a 20% of the amount you decided to place in the base bet, and select the scenario you think will appear in the next round. If you get it right, your base bet multiplier will double instantly!!
Important: If your helicopter gets abducted before you withdraw, you’ll lose everything earned in all three bets, so good luck!!
Other important information about the game
The "Auto Bet" options lets you bet automatically for a certain period of rounds or if a series of conditions are met. In the Auto Bet option menu you can set up when to "Auto Cashout" if you reach a certain multiplier and/or certain height, also, you can set the "Auto Bet" according to funds earned or lost. Read the options displayed in your screen carefully. IMPORTANT: In order to use the Auto Bet Options correctly, you have to first set your Base Bet and (if you wish) your Height Bet values (Predicted Height and funds to bet). You cannot Auto Bet the Scenario.
Return to player (RTP): 95%
Max base multiplier: 40x
If you lose internet connection while in a game session, you won't get your money taken from your account, unless you had lost it by getting abducted before the lost connection.
Disclaimer: If you’re playing the demo version of the game at, you’ll see there are fictional AI players playing alongside you. These are not real people nor real bets, they’re there just for fun! So enjoy the ride!